Prep and No Prep Veneer courses

Minimally invasive, aesthetic therapies are adapted to the needs of patients who value a natural look and the highest levels of aesthetics and function.

Everything starts and ends with the right communication. Communication between the dentist and the dental technician and communication between the dentist and the patient requires the right choice of therapy. Indications and contraindications should be thoroughly analyzed and discussed in advance.

Aesthetics that are based on function ensures the long-term success of a veneer restoration.

In the one-day courses, all state-of-the-art techniques are shown and explained and substantiated on the basis of science and clinical practice. The courses take place with recognized oral designers, the “Champions League” of aesthetic dental technology. Both ZTM and oral designer Shahab Esfarjani (Oraldesign Austria) as well as ZTM and oral designer Ömür Pak (Oraldesign Bochum) complement the courses with their profound knowledge.


In the one-day course, the following topics are examined in a practical manner:

  • Contact with patients
  • Photo status, smile design, communication practitioner/technician practitioner/patient, function, prep or no prep
  • KFO and Bleaching
  • Color analysis with Elab Prime, Elab Pilot (Veneer Mode)
  • Wax-up according to smile design, material, technique
  • Digital wax-up with Exocad
  • Mock-up in the mouth, photo/video documentation
  • Phenotypology, Hollywoodsmile (Wax&Press), Layering on Foil
  • Duties of the assistant, preparation, choice of material, thread technology, laser
  • Fabricating temporary dentures for prep veneers
  • Model fabrication and assembly, transfer of the wax-up, analog vs. digital
  • Platinum foil folding technique, try-in on ND color stub
  • Preparation and cementing of the veneers, Do’s and Don’ts, choice of material
  • What happens when Troubleshooting
  • Finishing and polishing
  • Final photo documentation, video, testimonials
  • The occlusal splint – the garage for the Ferrari

Registration Fees

€ 790,00*

For one dentist

€ 1.200,00*

For one dentist
(accompanied by a dental technician)

excl. 19% value added tax

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