Primum nihil nocere

First and foremost, do no harm.

The modern dentist/surgeon can meet this medical requirement, which was coined by Hippocrates, with the help of ultrasonic surgery. Firmly anchored in oral surgery for decades, oral ultrasound surgery meets the patient’s demand for the highest degree of minimally invasive surgery. For the practitioner, working with ultrasound-based instruments means maximum safety, even in sensitive anatomical regions, with the greatest possible protection of soft tissue and adjacent structures. With minimally invasive ultrasound surgery, the practitioner can benefit from more patients, a better reputation and higher turnover. For the patient, it means more safety, less to no pain and postoperative swelling. A patient who is doing very well after a surgical procedure and can participate in professional and social life again is a happy patient who brings in other patients to the dental clinic. Modern, minimally invasive ultrasound surgery is not a fashion trend, but rather meets the patients’ demands for gentle surgery. Good for the dental clinic, better for the patient!


Minimally invasive ultrasonic surgery
(Marcel Wainwright)

  • Atraumatic tooth implant extraction (Flapless)
  • Atraumatic wisdom tooth surgery
  • Surgical crown extension
  • Rapid Orthodontic Treatment (ROT) using piezosurgical corticotomy
  • Nerve Lateralization
  • WSR
  • Block graft removal
  • Bonesplit
  • IntraliftTM (Hydrodynamic Ultrasound Based Krestal Sinus Lift)
  • Lateral sinus lift
  • Bone harvesting using the scraping technique
  • Finishing of tooth preparations
  • FDOK operations (fatty degenerated jaw osteolyses)
  • Pilot hole drilling for implantations

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Minimally invasive ultrasonic surgery in oral surgery

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