International Masters in Atraumatic Ultrasonic Surgery

The IMAUS is a modular 2-day intensive training program that focuses on minimally invasive, atraumatic treatment concepts based on modern ultrasound surgery. With the help of piezotomes, participants acquire skills that simplify, accelerate and enable minimally invasive treatments in everyday surgery. This is due to, on the one hand, the requirements of practitioners, who can perform even complex procedures more easily with maximum tissue protection, and, on the other hand, patients, who are looking for treatments and options designed to avoid complications or postoperative discomfort. Good for the practice, better for the patient!

Prof. Dr. Wainwright has over 20 years of experience in the field of ultrasound surgery and is recognized worldwide as a respected expert and key opinion leader in the field. He has been sharing his clinical and scientific expertise in numerous scientific publications, lectures and courses for over 15 years.

More about the Piezotome Cube, the device for IMAUS masters


In the all-day course, the following topics are examined in a practical manner

Module 1 (Beginner)

In Module 1, and as an introduction to ultrasound surgery, participants will learn the theory and practice for everyday use.

  • Physics, physiology and history of oral ultrasound surgery
  • Difference to rotating oral surgery
  • Presentation of different systems
  • Atraumatic flapless extraction (teeth, implants, root residues)
  • Atraumatic surgical removal of teeth
  • Crown extension
  • Tunnel technology for augmentation
  • Materials for bone replacement – What has proven to be effective?
  • Use of blood plasma concentration (L-PRF) in combination with ultrasonic surgery
  • Blood collection and production of L-PRF membranes (hands-on)
  • Implementation in practice, communication, billing, marketing
  • Live Surgery
  • Hands-on using pig jaws

32 advanced training points according to the BZÄK guidelines

Modul 2 (Advanced)

In module 2, participants will learn the theory and practice for everyday use.

  • Bone physiology and consequences for the surgical procedure
  • Bonesplit: Yesterday and Today
  • Soft tissue manipulation in bone augmentation – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Rapid Orthodontic Treatment (R.O.T.), Corticotomy with Piezotomes
  • Lateral sinus lift
  • Intralift® (Hydrodynamic Ultrasound Based Krestal Sinus Lift)
  • Nerve lateralization in the highly atrophic jaw
  • Billing, communication, marketing
  • Hands-on using lamb heads, pig jaws and models
  • Live Surgery

After completion of the training participants receive a formal certificate.

Registration fees

Module 1

€ 4.490,00*

Exclusive Offer

Course fee for module 1 and Piezotome Cube
incl. 2 surgery kits for € 7,990.00*

Module 1 + 2

€ 5.990,00*

Exclusive Offer

Course fee for modules 1+2 and Piezotome Cube
incl. 2 surgery kits: € 8,990.00*

*plus 19% value added tax

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